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V-12AF C2 Auto-Feed Cross Cut Shredder

Part Number:V12AFC2
V-12AF C2 Auto-Feed Cross Cut Shredder
Price: Price: $2,818.00
Retail Price:$4,695.00
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The V-12AF C2 is Level 4 / P-5 Crosscut Paper Shredder. This heavy duty paper shredder comes equipped with 2 separate cutting heads: one for paper and one for CDs, DVDs and credit cards, meaning it can handle some of the toughest shredding jobs without any issue. The V-12AF C2 Auto-Feed Cross Cut Shredder can automatically shred up to 150 sheets through the Automatic Feeder System.  Dual 24 Hour Continuous Duty Motors for long shredding operations without timed cool down periods typical of most shredders on the market.  

Capital Shredder’s V-12AF C2 Auto-Feed Cross Cut Shredder offers a specially designed cutting head based on Floating Head Technology.  Floating Head Cutters are more durable and wear resistant and are also easier to repair in case of accidental damage than most shredders that use solid block cutting heads. This enhanced resistance allows for cutting head repair and the replacement of individual cutters in the event of damage; an option not available on most shredders. Carbon Hardened Steel Gears and Dual Heavy Duty Chains make for a powerful All Metal Drive System with no internal nylon or plastic gears as is common on many shredders. 

The unique blade placement and system allow this device to easily handle staples and paper clips without suffering from jams or other common problems with foreign objects in shredders. The V-12AF C2 is a unique power shredder that features Auto Start/Stop operation and includes an Energy Smart System for Zero Power Consumption in Stand-By mode.  Automatic Reverse System to prevent jamming and Automatic Stop with light indicator for Bag Full and Door Open conditions. An Electronic Power Control system monitors and displays the shredding load to maximize shredding capacity. An attractive high quality cabinet on casters for easy mobility. Trade Agreement Act (TAA) Compliant. 

Additional Information

Cut Type:

Level 4 / P-5 Cross Cut

Entry Width:


Shred Size:

3/32" x 5/8" particles

Sheet Capacity*:

Up to 19 sheets / Auto-Feeder 150 sheets


17 FPM

Motor Peak:

1.5 HP

Waste Capacity:

36 Gal

Auto On/Off:


Bag Full Indicator:



41" h x 21" w x 17" d


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