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V-11C2 Crosscut Midsized Shredder

Part Number:V11C2
V-11C2 Crosscut Midsized Shredder
Price: Price: $2,193.00
Retail Price:$3,225.00
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Small office operations rely on devices like the V-11C2 crosscut midsized shredder to maintain a secure environment. Rather than let stored data on paper documents or CDs pose a risk, you can eliminate them with the 2 separate cutting heads of this midsized shredder. The carbon-hardened cutting knives will demolish everything in their path—from paper clips to staples—with their heavy-duty chain drive and steel gears at work. 

If energy consumption is a concern, the V-11C2 crosscut midsized shredder will automatically switch off after 4 hours of inactivity. Plus, the device is made with convenient service reminders and an accessible interface, so everyone in the office can use it! From the touch screen to the auto reverse feature for paper jams, you won’t be able to picture the office without this automatic paper shredder again.

Additional Information

Cut Type:

Cross Cut

Entry Width:


Shred Size:

3/32" x 5/8" particles

Sheet Capacity*:

Up to 17 sheets


15 FPM

Motor Peak:

3/4 HP

Waste Capacity:

29 Gal

Auto On/Off:


Bag Full Indicator:



35" h x 21" w x 17" d


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