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The Importance Of Shredders In Security

Posted by CapitalShredderCorp on 7/17/2020
The Importance Of Shredders In Security

The importance of shredders in security

Identify theft is a serious issue that could happen to anyone. It does not come with a warning. In fact, in a survey, 24% of respondents admitted that they found out they were victims of identity theft by accident. The consequences of this act are devastating to the victim. Someone who has suffered from identity theft will face a mounting wall of issues in order to put everything back to normal. Stress and anxiety could set in. You might also face many sleepless nights. The whole situation is something that we would all rather avoid. In order to do this, we have to be proactive in the security of our information.

People tend to be extra cautious when it comes to divulging their information. Although using the internet to accomplish basic tasks is convenient, many are wary of our information getting into the wrong hands. There are a number of safeguards in place while conducting online activity. You might ask yourself “What about printed papers?” Most identity theft cases are the result of lost or stolen papers.

Documents with personal information

Although we put much of our information online, many of us do prefer having a physical copy of something. Forgetting your password or a computer breakdown are often obstacles when accessing something online. When you have a paper copy of the document, you can access it at any time without dealing with those other hassles. Unfortunately, papers can be misplaced and found by someone with nefarious intentions. Documents with personal information should be promptly destroyed once you are finished with it. Investing in an industrial shredder will help destroy these documents.

Information such as bank account numbers and social securities could be weaponized by scammers. Businesses and organizations often handle the personal information of their clients, vendors, and employees. It is important that they trust you. You can assure them that you will not hold on to the information for too long. If you use a high capacity paper shredder, they will feel more comfortable divulging their personal data with you.


Secure paper shredders are a key part of keeping a client’s information safe. The paper goes into the machine and gets immediately cut up into several strips. Depending on the velocity, the shredder can cut it up into the minuscule pieces. The industrial shredder will render the information unreadable.

High capacity paper shredders are an essential part of machinery that nearly every office uses. With many workers having to use it, you will want a shredder that can handle a strong load. Overheating is one of the most glaring problems that an industrial shredder faces. It is important not to be overzealous when using it. Advise your employees on proper shredder usage. When purchasing an industrial office shredder, look at its capacity. See how many sheets it can take and compare that with how much paperwork your office typically goes through. Jamming can be a major issue with shredders. Some industrial shredders, such as the DL-12XD, come equipped with an automatic reverse function to combat jamming. Make sure that all employees are on the same page. If several different workers want access to the machine at the same time, encourage some of them to hold off.

What makes a shredder high security

Shredders cut the paper in several different styles. They can completely destroy the document and make it impossible to decipher the information. Consider the level of security based on the type of industry you are in. Shredders with high-security cuts are used for top government offices. For regular businesses, you may not need the top secure paper shredder that the government uses, but you can still find effective tools. If you are unsure about a strip-cut shredder, you can invest in a cross-cutting model. The crosscutting motion makes the papers completely unreadable.

In the business, world establishing trust is one of the top priorities. Identity theft is a grave concern that can happen to anyone. You have a duty to your clients and make sure that they feel safe with you. With a high-security industrial shredder, you can give them added peace of mind.

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