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The Best Ways You Can Make Your Business More Secure

Posted by Administrator on 3/8/2019
The Best Ways You Can Make Your Business More Secure

Whether your business is just starting out or you've been operating for years, one area of the company that needs constant attention is its security. In fact, top executives from 300 companies cited the security of company records among the top five critical issues a business faces. Guard your company against data breaches by discovering the most effective ways to improve your company's data security.

Enable Two-Step Password Authentication

Two-factor authentication is one of the most effective ways to ensure that the user logging into the system is exactly who they say they are. As the name suggests, there are two elements to gaining access with this type of authentication. There is the typical combination of a username and password, but if that information is compromised two-factor authentication will require another step. This second step can include confirming access through the user's email and a physical device such as a smartphone or using biometrics like a thumbprint scan.

Have A Recovery Plan

If your business does experience a breach or theft, you want to be sure that you have a secure backup solution in place. With the right solution, you'll be able to quickly recover your data and double down on its security. A popular method for data backup is encrypting files offsite in the cloud. This can give businesses the much-needed peace of mind that they have a solution in case of an emergency.

Use A Secure Industrial Shredder

A business's security isn't limited to its digital data. Those looking to steal your company's valuable information can easily do so if you leave a paper trail. To prevent this, be sure to dispose of all physical documents with an industrial shredder machine. These machines will be able to handle large amounts of paper while using a cross-cutting method that ensures the shreds are too small for anyone to piece them back together. Government agencies and other organizations that need a high security paper shredder should always choose one with level 6 shredding, the highest level of secure paper shredding.

A company's security comes in many forms. Not only do you need the traditional locks, bolts, and alarms on the building's doors, but you also need to protect your digital data and paper that you might consider waste. Start improving your security by investing in an industrial shredder from Capital Shredder today.

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