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TC-700 Transport Case

Part Number:TC-700
TC-700 Transport Case
Price: Price: $795.00


Do you need to move or travel with your business’s security supplies? If you’re looking for ways to secure your degaussing equipment during travel, try the TC-700 transport case from Capital Shredder. This heavy-duty custom transport case protects your equipment from wear and tear during travel. Protect your equipment and help maintain its longevity with a transport case that you can access when you need it. 

The TC-700 transport case is a heavy-duty impact-resistant deployment case protects your degausser during shipping and transportation. The case has a retractable handle and wheels for easy maneuvering. Custom fit for the following degaussers: DG-91M, DG-91T, HDD-91, HDD-66. 


22"h x 18"w x 12.25"d


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