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Service vs. Machine: What's Best for Secure Shredding?

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 1/11/2021
Service vs. Machine: What's Best for Secure Shredding?

Some people prefer to shred documents themselves, as they are untrusting of where the information might end up, while others favor the qualities a service has to offer. The answer is majorly subjective when weighing the options of service vs. machine: what’s best for secure shredding. The level of security you are striving to maintain will certainly tip the scale toward one more than the other.


Opting to go with a service takes a lot of the personal responsibility out of shredding. However, you may find yourself with some questions about it. You might also wonder if your sensitive documents are actually destroyed.


Shredding services go to great lengths to protect the information you want to destroy. They commonly use a crosscut or confetti shredding technique that makes it is impossible to piece the paperwork back together. This helps the shredding company avoid liability problems that could accompany strip-shredding.

Reliable shredding companies are insured for millions of dollars to protect each party involved. If you choose to go with a shredding company, proof of insurance is a sign that they are a reputable company. Often, before a company can get out to shred documents, they can provide locking containers that will keep the information secure until it can be disposed of.


Once a shredding company has cut your submitted materials into tiny pieces, they offer a few different options. Many businesses choose to pair with an environmentally conscious shredder that will recycle the paper bits into new paper. With this option, shredded documents are almost immediately converted into pulp. This ensures the security of your information while improving the environment.


Some information is just too sensitive to leave in the care of others, even with the safeguards in place meant to guarantee protection. Allowing others to shred your documents may leave you uneasy or concerned. If this is the case, it’s best to just do the shredding yourself. Capital Shredder offers high-quality, high-security shredders that do the same job a shredding company’s equipment would but under your supervision.


Depending on the level of security of the documents you are destroying, you may invest in a crosscut paper shredder. If you want to destroy other items as well, such as disks, key cards, and more, you may want to look at disintegrators that will not only take care of terminating papers but the other information-retaining objects within your office. When you invest in the proper machinery yourself, you know for a fact that the privacy of you, your employees, your customers, and your company is defended.


Similar to the ways a shredding company operates, you can recycle your shredded documents to ensure they are gone forever. With the advanced shredding system you choose to use, no one will ever be able to reassemble the pieces to obtain pertinent data. The machinery offered by Capital Shredder is NSA certified to protect you from ever having to worry about security breaches after you’ve destroyed your documents.

When considering service vs. machine: what’s best for secure shredding, understanding your needs will help. Services are reliable, but there is always a risk when you open up your sensitive information to others. Knowing the risks and the benefits that are attached to each option will allow you to make the decision that’s right for your business.

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