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SX-89B Industrial Conveyor Shredder/Baler

Part Number:SX-89B
SX-89B Industrial Conveyor Shredder/Baler
Price: Price: $53,289.00
Retail Price:$55,490.00
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The SX-89B Industrial Conveyor Shredder/Baler is a high-capacity conveyor-fed shredder that combines fully automated features with the rugged industrial strength needed for high volume centralized shredding. The SX-89B can shred stacks of computer forms, cardboard, tapes, ribbons, CDs, magnetic disks, and entire files up to 650 sheets. The automatic conveyor belt system and applications of the SX-89B Industrial Conveyor Shredder/Baler allow documents, cardboard, and other objects to effortlessly slide through before the baler components automatically condenses and compresses them into readily available bales. 

The combined Shredder/Baler system compacts shredded material into bales weighing 110-154 lbs for convenient disposal of shredded material. The SX-89B features include an LED control panel with load indicator and user-friendly features such as Auto Start/Stop, Auto Reverse, and Auto Cleaning. 

The Automatic Oiling System lubricates the all-steel cutting blades, helping to keep the shredder in peak operating condition. By removing the need for oiling, this industrial paper shredder baler combo requires little in the way of maintenance and will remain in good condition for years to come. A large safety bar is in front and will shut down the shredder instantly when pressed. The system also includes a key and lock system to ensure the shredder is operated only by authorized staff. Lifetime Limited Warranty on cutting head. 

Additional Information

Cut Type:

Cross Cut

Entry Width:


Shred Size:

5/16 x 1 1/2 - 3 particles

Sheet Capacity*:

Up to 650 sheets


35 FPM

Motor Peak:

10 Hp, 220v 3ph, 50 amp

Waste Capacity:

102 Gal

Auto On/Off:


Bag Full Indicator:



63"h x 47"w x 129"d


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