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SDD-M DOD Approved Degausser

Part Number:SDDM
SDD-M DOD Approved Degausser
Price: Price: $16,773.00
Retail Price:$21,999.00
Your Savings:$5,226.00(24%)


When it comes to protecting your most sensitive electronic information, creating a clear data disposal policy has become a necessity for many corporations and government organizations. Any person or company that does not properly dispose of digital records including personal, financial, or medical information could face a major liability. Using an NSA-listed degausser absolutely ensures critical information does not fall into the wrong hands. The SDD-M DOD-approved degausser has been tested and evaluated for security erasure by NSA and meets the requirements of the NSA/CSS Degausser Evaluated Products List. The SDD-M is a high energy, NSA listed hard drive eraser designed to offer complete and secure erasure of magnetic media, to TOP SECRET level, including perpendicular recording hard drives. The SDD-M NSA-approved degausser is also capable of erasing data storage media including LTO, 8mm, DDS and more. This powerful system delivers a minimum magnetic field of 17,750 three times to the media throughout the automatic operation. The SDD-M generates the strongest erasure field of any degausser on the market.


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