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How to Choose a High Security Paper Shredder

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp on 6/11/2020
How to Choose a High Security Paper Shredder

For any business, security should be one of its top priorities. Security is not only applied to protecting financial assets. A large part of security is protecting sensitive information. Failure to protect this information will reflect poorly on your company. A lack of trust will develop between customers, employees, and the company as a whole. In a survey, over 40% of consumers would cease doing business with a company if that company suffered a security breach. You can also open yourself up to a host of lawsuits. A great security measure you could take is investing in a high security paper shredder.

When running a business, you have a commitment to your customers. They want to believe that they can trust you. Customers are not required to do business with you. They can break off the relationship at any time. In the business world, companies frequently collect personal information about their customers. In some cases that information should only be in their possession for a brief amount of time. The longer you hold on to it, the greater chance it may end up in the wrong hands. The customer can be vulnerable to identity theft as a result. The right high capacity shredder can let you destroy that information and keep the customer’s information secure. There are several things to look for when searching for a commercial paper shredder.

When searching for high security paper shredders, there are several issues to consider. One of the most important is strength. You will want a shredder that can consistently work. An overheated shredder is prone to breakdown. It is important not to overload the machine with too much paper. A high capacity paper shredder can, however, withstand the pressure.

If your shredder breaks down, your business is put at a disadvantage. Depending on the severity of the breakdown, your shredder could be out of commission for several days. In the meantime, the documents that contain that sensitive information will remain out in the open. You do not need to be paranoid, but the longer the documents are intact the more susceptible they are to misplacement.

If you are in the market for a high security paper shredder for your business, you will need one capable of handling an abundance of paper without any issues. You'll also want one that can shred all necessary documents in a short amount of time for utmost efficiency.

There are also shredders that are capable of shredding thicker materials such as, credit cards and DVDs. These devices are hands-free and shred materials using a cross-cut motion. This can give added peace of mind to customers, as they know that those materials will be unrecognizable.

There are different shredders for small offices, large offices, and personal use. Consider how many people will be using the shredder. To find a trustworthy shredder, you can solicit advice and recommendations from your business associates, family, and friends. They can help steer you in the right direction. You can compile a list and try to narrow it down from there. Consider online reviews of the various types and perform research into them. With all this information in place, you can make a wise selection.

High security paper shredders are vitally important for your business. Safety and security should be your highest priority. It is important that your customers and employees feel comfortable with the handling of their information. Investing in a secure paper shredder is a great first step. It will lead to exceptional success for your business.

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