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How To Protect Your Privacy In a Technological World

Posted by Administrator on 6/17/2019

Personal security is extremely important on and off of the internet. Unfortunately, there are people out there just waiting to snag up your social security number, bank account information, credit card number, and more. When they get their hands on such valuable information, they can destroy your credit and bank accounts in a matter of minutes.

Credit Card Numbers

When shopping, you always need to be on high alert for others that would do anything to get the numbers on your card. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to shopping online with your card. Almost 50% of Internet users in the United States said that they refrained from online activities due to privacy and security concerns with identity theft cited as the top concern. Websites can get easily hacked and created, so be sure that the website is secure and real before putting in your card information. A quick way to check if the website is secure is to look for a lock symbol by the URL in the address bar.

Social Security Numbers

You want to make sure that no one ever gets their hands on your social security number. It should be a number that only you know by heart. Unfortunately, many work required paperwork involves an employees social security number and personal information. If you are an employer, help protect this information by purchasing a few level 6 shredders. The level 6 shredders should be in every room and easily accessible to all the employees as well. If you are a large company, you will want to purchase a high capacity shredder. A high capacity paper shredder can handle large amounts of paperwork that needs disposal. Secure paper shredding not only protects your company for potential hackers, but it also lets your employees know that their privacy is important to you.

Bank Account Information

Another piece of paper that needs to go through a level 6 shredders are your monthly bank account statements. These statements often have your account number and routing number on them, so you don't want them ever getting into the wrong hands. It literally takes seconds for someone to drain your entire banking accounts.

You always have to be on the defense when it comes to your valuable information. Constantly monitor your credit score and bank accounts for any suspicious activity. The sooner you catch it and report it, the better.

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