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How To Properly Protect Your Customers' Private Information

Posted by Administrator on 3/19/2019

Each time your customers do business with you, they're expecting that any private information they give you will remain private. As data security continues to become a bigger and bigger priority for consumers, they're looking to see that companies are taking the proper steps to secure their personal information. Apply these security strategies to your business and you will be protecting your customers and your business from potential security breaches.

Only Collect Necessary Information

While it may be easy to collect a customer's name, contact information, and payment information, think twice about whether you really need all of this personal data. Not only can gathering this information waste your company's time and resources, but it creates a large target for potential fraudsters.

Consumers also tend to get nervous when a company asks for a large amount of information and they may not trust your business. To increase trust and lower your security risks, collect only what you need for business purposes. If you would like additional information, give customers the option to share this data with you later on.

Invest In An Industrial Shredder Machine

Despite a major focus on securing digital sources of personal information, sensitive paper documents still provide fraudsters with an avenue for identity theft. The best way to dispose of these documents is with an industrial shredder machine that provides secure paper shredding.

Secure shredding, such as level 6 shredding, will use cross-cutting to shred a document into minuscule pieces that would be impossible for an identity thief to put back together. By getting an industrial shredder machine for your office, you can also make your business more efficient as you dispose of more documents at once in a sustainable way.

Use A Dedicated Server For Your Site

Small businesses often use a shared server to host their files in the interest of saving money. However, this practice poses a major security risk. People outside of your company's employees will have access to your server. A shared server can also make your website more vulnerable if another site on the server has weak security. Although using a dedicated server will be more expensive, it will significantly reduce the chances of someone hacking your website.

Consumers don't always take the security measures they should to protect their information. In fact, about 24% of consumers only discovered they were a victim of identity fraud by accident. This leaves the responsibility of data security to businesses. Take your first step towards providing complete protection of your customers' information by contacting Capital Shredder today for the best in high security paper shredders.

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