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How To Choose the Right Office Paper Shredder

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 9/10/2021

How To Choose the Right Office Paper Shredder

When choosing an office paper shredder, you’ll notice that there are lots of options. Each paper shredder is different and can provide specific benefits for your business. So, how can you choose the best machine for your office? Read on to learn how to choose the right office paper shredder.


When selecting a shredder, you’ll want one that works quickly. After all, the purpose of a shredder is to dispose of documents rapidly and efficiently. For large offices, it’s best to purchase a shredder with a high run time. A run time is the amount of time a shredder can work continuously before requiring a break to cool down.

Waste Capacity

Another factor to consider is the waste capacity. Shredders with low waste capacities may not work well in large offices. Employees in such settings would need to clean out the waste bin every time they shred a significant amount of paper. To avoid this issue, make sure you purchase a shredder with a high waste capacity. If you have a large office and your employees use the shredder often, you should consider a 30- to 50-gallon waste bin.

Load Size

Your shredder will need to handle large loads of paper, so load size is something you should consider. How many sheets of paper do you want your shredder to dispose of at once? It’s best to use a paper shredder that can shred around 30 to 45 sheets of paper at one time in large offices. Keep in mind that the shredder should be able to dispose of 30 to 45 sheets with ease. If you notice your machine struggling to shred this amount, it might be time for a new shredder.

Type of Cut

Of course, the purpose of shredding is to keep your confidential information secure. Shredders use three different types of cuts to ensure that your information remains safe. The first type is called a strip cut, and the shredder slices the paper into long strips. The second type is a cross cut. This is when the shredder slices the paper into small chunks. Finally, there is the micro cut, where the shredder slices paper into tiny, confetti-like pieces. For a large office setting, cross-cut or micro-cut shredders are the best choices to keep your confidential information safe. While strip-cut shredders are acceptable, they don’t provide as much protection for your information as the other shredders.

Additional Features

Many office shredders have additional features that can be very useful in a workplace. For example, some shredders have anti-jam technology, such as an auto-reverse feature. This allows the shredder to notice when someone loads too many papers into the shredder. It then prevents jamming and overfeeding. When you select a shredder, be sure to look at any additional features that could be helpful for your office.

You now know how to choose the right office paper shredder for your business. If you need a heavy-duty shredder machine, browse our online selection at Capital Shredder today.

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