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High Security NSA Listed Paper Shredders

Posted by Administrator on 3/16/2018

High security NSA listed paper shredders: 

Features: The precision design of high quality Level 6 / P-7 high security shredders insure that classified material including top secret, comsec, infosec, cryptologic materials are destroyed to a level no larger than 1mm x 5mm.

Recommended usage: Top secret and highly classified data and records. High quality properly operating machines in this category make reconstruction of the media impossible to reconstruct. Our line of NSA/CSS-02- 01 compliant paper shredders have been evaluated and tested for the highest level of durability and function. For Government and Defense Contractors, our high security paper shredders work in compliance with NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 to meet or exceed all levels of classified paper destruction requirements. Our models comply with all new DOD requirements and are available on GSA Schedule. 

Visit our website- http://www.papershredders.com/
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