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HDD-66 High Energy Hard Drive Degausser

Part Number:HDD66
HDD-66 High Energy Hard Drive Degausser
Price: Price: $3,615.00


The HDD-66 is a High Energy Hard Drive Degausser especially designed for the destruction of all data from computer, laptop and server hard drives. The?HDD-66?hard drive eraser will also securely erase data from high coercivity tape, including LTO, DLT, Super DLT, AIT, and more. Hard drives are completely erased in less than 20 seconds, making it the fastest hard drive degausser available.

Easy & Safe Operation - Operation of the HDD-66 hard drive degaussing machine could not be easier. Simply place the hard drive into the support, close the lid and either push the Degauss button on the control panel or use the infrared remote control. Each hard drive is completely erased in only four passes. 

Secure & Safe Operation - With safety in mind and to meet the latest ICNIRP Magnetic Exposure Guidelines, our HDD degausser can be operated remotely via the infrared remote control. The unit can also be locked in the manual or remote operation position by removing the key preventing possible misuse.

Who Recommends Hard Drive Degaussing? As part of their guidelines for the sanitization of magnetic media, degaussing is recommended by the following organizations: National Institute of Standards & Technology Department of Defense GCHQ (British Government) Regulatory Compliance Strict industry standards & government regulations are in place that force organizations to mitigate the risk of unauthorized exposure of confidential corporate & government data. These regulations include HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act); FACTA (The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003); GLB ( Gramm-Leach Bliley); Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOx); and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards ( PCI DSS).

Media Handling:

Hard Drives: 3½ 2½ & 1.8 PC (Up to 2TB); DLT Tapes: Super DLT I, II & III, DLT

IV-VSL, S-DLT, LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4; LTO5, 9840; 9940

Other media erased:

Diskettes single/boxed; DC 2000; TK50, 70, 85, 3480/3490E/3590/3590E; 4mm;

8mm; Exabyte; Travan; DLT; DAT; ZIP Disk; Ultrium, AIT, DDS

Throughput: 20 hard drives per hour typical.

Degaussing Force: 7000 peak gauss

Power Supply: 220 ~ 240v 50Hz / 208 ~ 220v 60Hz

Current Rating: 9 Amps Typical

Dimensions (WxHxD): 16.5 x 6 x 19

Shipping Weight: 62 lbs


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