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HD-250 Hard Drive & SSD Destroyer

Part Number:HD250
HD-250 Hard Drive & SSD Destroyer
Price: Price: $5,995.00
Retail Price:$6,995.00
Your Savings:$1,000.00(14%)


NSA/CSS Evaluated. Crush Time: 9 Seconds (Continuous Operation); Destruction Capacity: Per Hour 250 Full Height / 500 Laptop Hard Drives; Media Destroyed: SATA, PATA, SCSI, Fiber Channel, Notebook/Laptop Hard Drives (3½” and 2½” All formats and types up to 1.66” height) SDD’s 2½” format.  

The HD-250 hard drive and SSD destroyer is a powerful and fast data destroyer that crushes a wide range of storage devices. Simple and safe to operate, destruction of media is guaranteed. Unlike our degaussers which erase data through powerful magnetic fields, the HD-250 destroys Hard Drives and Solid-State Drives rendering them unusable. For the utmost security, the HD-250 data destroyer provides a perfect complement to a degausser. The unique Log System records all operating and destruction information and can produce printable reports giving hard copy evidence of complete destruction. Neat and compact, the HD-250 HDD destroyer can crush a drive in only 9 seconds. With a quiet, office friendly design, it is simple to operate and has inbuilt safety features. An LCD display shows the progress of the destruction.


18"h x 18"w x 15"d


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