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Four Ways to Keep Documents Secure

Posted by CapitalShredderCorp on 3/6/2020
Four Ways to Keep Documents Secure

Our world is becoming increasingly paperless, however, there will always be documents that cannot be retained in a cloud or on a website. Unfortunately, these documents can get into the wrong hands and lead to terrible outcomes. In fact, 16.7 million people were victims of identity fraud in 2017. Some of these frauds were the result of data breaches, but many of them occurred because their private documents were exposed to the wrong eyes. A commercial paper shredder could prevent such an occurrence.

There are many industries that retain highly sensitive material. In particular, government, financial, and medical organizations. An industrial paper shredder can provide government agencies, such as the National Security Agency or Department of Defense, with the highest level of safety for privileged documents. Further, a secure paper shredder can add a layer of protection to any industry (medical, educational) that retains paper records.

Not everyone needs a high-capacity shredder, but all businesses that handle private information could benefit from implementing the following four steps to help attain higher security for sensitive papers.

1. Lock Up Your Documents

Never leave files and records unsecured. Always keep them in a locked space (a drawer, a safe, or a filing cabinet). This may sound like an obvious choice, but many businesses leave documents unsecured. These documents should be held in a locked space until you dispose of them with your industrial paper shredder.

2. Secure Access

Only give access to sensitive documents to individuals with the appropriate security clearance. For non-government agencies, only allow ingress to those who have a strong need for it. You can use a digital, password-protected file cabinet to ensure entry is tightly controlled. Also, you should secure access to the documents by designating only one person to shred them in a secure paper shredder. High-security shredders are amazing tools in any security arsenal.

3. Set Up a Surveillance Camera

Placing video cameras in the room where you keep sensitive documents offers you round-the-clock surveillance. And even if an individual without access manages to enter the room, they will be caught on camera in the process. With a digital camera in hand, an unscrupulous individual could compromise the information you are protecting in a few minutes. The surveilled room will keep everything safe until the time comes to use the industrial office shredder.

4. Use a High Capacity Paper Shredder

The ultimate layer of protection comes with a secure paper shredder. Most businesses would be able to use a simple industrial shredder machine for sensitive documents. But government agencies and military organizations will need the level 6 shredder. This machine meets all government requirements for ultimate particle shredding. It also meets the strictest security requirements of the National Security Agency and the Department of Defense. Additionally, the tiny residue that remains after shredding documents offers perfect disposal of classified materials for agencies with Top Secret needs.

An industrial office shredder is simply the best measure available to agencies and industries that need to destroy privileged documents. It is impossible to imagine a more effective method of eliminating such documents than secure paper shredding.

Taking the time to implement these steps will ensure your documents will be secure. The industrial office shredder or level 6 shredder will be the final piece of equipment in your security toolbox. There are multiple levels of protection when it comes to high-security paper shredders. Assess your security needs and consider which industrial office shredder would be appropriate for your team.

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