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EL-100 Erasure Labels

Part Number:EL-100
EL-100 Erasure Labels
Price: Price: $80.00
Retail Price:$89.00
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Degaussing hard drives is a key factor when it comes to information security in any modern office space. The process allows you to thoroughly erase data and prepare hard drives for disposal. However, it can be difficult to differentiate degaussed hard drives from non-erased versions. This is where EL-100 erasure labels from Capital Shredder can help.  

Self-adhesive "ERASED Cannot be reused" labels have been designed to help immediately identify hard drives or magnetic tapes that have been degaussed. EL-100 erasure labels are easy to read and provide immediate visual indication that a hard drive or other magnetic media has been erased.  

Single rolls of 1,000 labels. 


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