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Disintegrator Comparison Chart

Choosing the right multi-media disintegrator for your operational needs allows you to optimize your business or organization. To help you decide which model fits your needs best, we’ve put together a disintegrator comparison chart that highlights all key determining factors. 

Model Cut Type* Entry Width Shred Size* Throughput* Motor HP Waste Capacity
MX-300 Up to Top Secret 14" x 17" 2 to 12 mm Up to 900 lbs/hr 15 HP 55 Gal
MX-400 Up to Top Secret 16" x 19" 2 to 12 mm Up to 1200 lbs/hr 20 HP 55 Gal
MX-5 Up to Top Secret 13” x 19” 4 to 40 mm Up to 940 lbs/hr 8 Hp 100 Gal
MX-400B Up to Top Secret 16" x 23" 2 to 12 mm Up to 1200 lbs/hr 30 HP 110 Gal
MX-500 Up to Top Secret 16" x 23" 2 to 12 mm Up to 2200 lbs/hr 40 HP 110 Gal

Considerations for Buying a Multi-Media Disintegrator 

In the disintegrator comparison chart, we highlight key features, such as entry width, cut style and size, waste capacity, and more. These features are, generally, the leading force in deciding which design will work for your organization’s needs. Think through each area carefully to ensure you get the right model. 

Some guiding decision-making questions to ask may include: 

  • What type and how large is the material you’re looking to disintegrate? 
  • How much media are you looking to shred? 
  • How frequently will the machine be used and by whom? 
  • How often would you prefer waste be removed? 
  • Are there noise concerns that will influence the HP you need? 
  • What are the shred-size requirements needed for the level of your industry? 
  • What are the space limitations for the area where the machine will go? 
Answering these questions can help you quickly narrow down which machine in the disintegrator comparison chart above will work best for your specific requirements. At Capital Shredder, we cater specifically to customers looking for high-security paper shredders and media destruction equipment. We also provide numerous models of every type of equipment so that everything from small government facilities to industrial-sized companies can find what they need.  

For more information, please check out individual disintegrator models, or contact our team with any questions or concerns. 
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