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DG-91T DLT/LTO High Energy Tape Eraser

Part Number:DG91T
DG-91T DLT/LTO High Energy Tape Eraser
Price: Price: $3,359.00


The DG-91T degausser is a high energy, bulk tape eraser especially designed to tackle the erasing of DLT & LTO tapes. To re-use your previously formatted DLT tape IV tapes in the DLT1 tape drive, Capital Shredder has introduced the DG-91T DLT/LTO tape eraser. Anyone upgrading their existing DLT drive with the new DLT1 drive should understand that their existing inventory of recorded DLTtape IV media may not be usable in the DLT1 without thoroughly degaussing them first. Media recorded in either the DLT7000 or DLT8000 format will be automatically rejected to protect the data on the tape. The problem is easily solved by erasing all existing DLT tapes on the Capital Shredder DG-91T bulk tape eraser. The DG-91T hard drive degaussing machine will erase all old data and formats in 10 seconds leaving the tapes completely clear and ready to use in DLT1 drives. LTO hard drive erasers alter the magnetic charge on LTO tape cartridges. This process will erase the data stored on the tape and also erases the cartridge s servo tracks, making the cartridge completely unreadable thus protecting your data from even the most determined investigation.


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