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DG-90 Drawer Operated Media Degausser

Part Number:DG90
DG-90 Drawer Operated Media Degausser
Price: Price: $10,799.00
Retail Price:$11,999.00
Your Savings:$1,200.00(10%)


The DG-90 Security Degausser is able to perform an automatic degauss of high-density magnetic media achieved by applying a highly focused magnetic field through an exclusive multi-axis, 'pole tip' design. The tapes or cassettes are placed in the drawer compartment and rotated within the powerful 7000 Gauss field ensuring uniform and complete erasure. The DG-90 degausser can cope with a range of media including tapes of up to 16 inches diameter. Up to fifty reels or two hundred cassettes can be efficiently and quietly erased per hour, the DG-90 bulk eraser operates continuously and is quiet, cool and efficient.


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