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DG-88 High Energy Conveyor Degausser

Part Number:DG88
DG-88 High Energy Conveyor Degausser
Price: Price: $7,385.00


The DG-88 tape degausser has been designed to provide efficient erasing of high energy tapes, cassettes, and cartridges in a compact table top conveyor degausser at an affordable price. The conveyor transportation system of the DG-88 VHS tape degausser ensures that magnetic media is completely erased in an easy-to-use manner. Extra security of erasure can be achieved by use of the optional belt cover, ensuring that media cannot be removed from the conveyor belt until it has passed completely through the erasure field. The cassettes are placed onto the moving conveyor belt and carried over two degaussing coils which are orientated at 90 degrees to one another in a V formation. The belt speed of this magnetic media degausser is fixed at 4 inches per second.


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