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DG-100 Bulk Eraser / Degausser

Part Number:DG100
DG-100 Bulk Eraser / Degausser
Price: Price: $16,799.00


Automatic Degausser Conveyor System for the high-volume user. Since the introduction of high coercivity metal tapes the need for a powerful bulk degausser capable of erasing Betacam Digital/SP, MII, DAT and DVC Pro in high volume has become essential. The DG-100 bulk hard drive eraser has been designed to meet the requirements of the high volume user. It is a conveyor unit, runs continuously and with one pass gives erasure figures in excess of 75dB on 1500 oersted tape. With a throughput of over 10,000 cassettes per hour, and capable of handling all compact media from floppy discs to high energy cassettes, the DG-100 VHS degausser provides the user with the most efficient high energy degausser available. 


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