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Cross-Cut vs. Micro-Cut: How To Choose

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 2/3/2021
Cross-Cut vs. Micro-Cut: How To Choose

Understanding the similarities and differences between cross-cut and micro-cut will help you choose the best shredder for the job. Both options are great for chopping paper finely, and both are better at destroying material than a strip shredder, which is considered to be rather low security. Decide what level of security you need when choosing which route to take.


The cross-cutting shredder is classified as secure and is often labeled as medium-security. They cut diagonally to prevent anyone from piecing the shreds back together. The paper ends up in the form of confetti-like pieces. Cross-cut shredders are a great option for ensuring your documents are properly destroyed. They are often used in office spaces to easily terminate documents.


Opting to go with a micro-cut shredder offers high-security and protection, as these shredders cut the paper into minuscule pieces. As far as paper shredding goes, micro-cut shredding is one step under disintegrating materials. Like cross-cutting, micro-cut shredding cuts the paper diagonally from corner to corner, rendering the information unreadable. Government agencies prefer to use this level of shredding for documents and files, as the pieces are next to impossible to decode.

Capital Shredder is one of the most reliable paper shredder government suppliers. We carry cross-cut shredders with advanced safety features and level five micro-cut shredders to add security. The cross-cut shredders we offer are designed to give the precision and security of a micro-cut shredder with an integrated air filtration system that collects fine dust emitted while shredding.

As you decide between cross-cut and micro-cut and ponder how to choose, consider a product that maintains high security while keeping the air cleaner to maintain a healthier work environment. The shredders we offer are NSA approved and highly tested to ensure quality and security for your most sensitive documents.

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