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AO-120 Automatic Oiler

Part Number:AO120
AO-120 Automatic Oiler
Price: Price: $679.00
Retail Price:$999.00
Your Savings:$320.00(32%)


If you manage an office, it’s important to know everything about oiling a paper shredder. It is recommended that most shredders be oiled for maintenance in order to operate with maximum efficiency. It is especially important for most High Security shredders. Our automatic oiling systems offer the most efficient oil delivery on the market. Easily mounted on the side of your shredder, an automatic oiler protects your shredder and provides the proper amount of lubrication. Oil capacity: 4 Liters. For use on Models: M-10, M-12, M-16, M-16HC, M-16TS.


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