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#7363G Shredder Oil, 4 Gal

Part Number:7363G
#7363G Shredder Oil, 4 Gal
Price: Price: $108.00
Retail Price:$169.00
Your Savings:$61.00(36%)


If you’re looking for specialty shredder oil for automated shredders, you can find the supplies you need here at Capital Shredder. We offer 4-gallon containers of paper shredder machine oil for bulk orders and large-scale shredding processes.

#7363G shredder oil is a special blend for paper shredders with automatic oilers. These shredders offer convenient automatic oiling and draw the oil from a reservoir. These gallon jugs are perfect for refilling your automated shredders. Gallon bottles with easy pour spouts. Packaged 4 Gallons per case.


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