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7 Signs You Need to Upgrade to a New Industrial Shredder Machine

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp on 8/25/2020
7 Signs You Need to Upgrade to a New Industrial Shredder Machine

Even in today’s fast-paced digital world, paper is far from becoming obsolete. Office mail and physical contracts remain essential in the running of many businesses. However, paper documents create a burden of safe disposal, especially those that contain sensitive information. In fact, almost 30% of consumers don’t shred paper containing sensitive information before trashing it.

You need to invest in a quality industrial shredder machine to prevent office information from landing into the wrong hands. Putting off purchasing or upgrading to a commercial paper shredder may decrease office productivity and increase the risk of a data breach.

Here are seven signs that you need to upgrade to a more secure paper shredder.

1. Current Shredder Needs to Cool off Frequently

Overheating is a common issue with low capacity paper shredders. It may be frustrating seeing that red light blink, indicating the shredder needs a break before continuing with the paper destruction. Frequent downtime may reduce office productivity with lots of time wastage. Luckily, you can always upgrade to a high capacity office shredder that provides longer run time.

2. Current Shredder Fills up Too Quickly

No one wants to empty the bin every few hours. As your business operation expands, the existing shredder may not have the capacity to handle your current needs. You will notice that you now require regular shredding and emptying. Switching to a new industrial shredder machine allows you to choose one with a larger bin.

3. Current Shredder Jams Too Often

Paper clips, pins, and tags are notorious for jamming regular office paper shredders. The process of having to tear half-shredded sheets can be frustrating. A heavy-duty paper shredder allows you to shred larger batches of paper with jam-proof technology.

4. Current Shredder Is Too Loud

Older models of commercial paper shredders are loud and noisy. The constant whirring can become a nuisance to your staff, distracting them from their office tasks.

You can choose a new industrial shredder machine with noise-canceling features. Some models run under 60 decibels.

5. Current Shredder Only Cuts Paper

In the modern office, paper is not the only material that carries sensitive information. Other objects include flash disks, CDs, ex-staff employee cards, and credit cards. A high capacity shredder can easily cut through the plastic, crushing them into tiny, indecipherable pieces.

6. Current Shredder Poses a Safety Risk

Older models lack security features that cover the cutting blades, increasing the risk of shedding your fingers. Modern high-security paper shredders have auto-start and auto-stop functions that keep your fingers away from the cutter. Auto-feeding shredders allow you to continue with other tasks as the paper destruction continues.

7. Current Shredder Doesn’t Meet Security Protocols

With increasing cases of data breaches in the country, regulators continue to impose new regulations controlling specific high-risk industries. A new level 6 shredder can allow your company to remain compliant to set regulations on privacy data. A secure paper shredder is essential in keeping your sensitive information out of prying eyes.

Having a paper shredder that’s frequently jamming, overheating, and making a lot of noise can be frustrating. Upgrading to an industry shredder machine can help streamline your operations and increase office productivity. Capital Shredders can help you find the right commercial paper shredder to fit your unique needs.

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