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5 Top Features for a High-Capacity Industrial Office Shredder

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp on 9/23/2020
5 Top Features for a High-Capacity Industrial Office Shredder

Before you acquire an industrial office shredder, you need to understand its specifications and features. There are shredding machines for discarding documents, which are suitable for many day-to-day office applications. `

There are also high capacity paper shredders suitable for heavy-duty applications like warehouses and industrial facilities. Here are some top features and specifications to consider when looking for the best shredding equipment.

1. Security Level

You can categorize commercial paper shredders according to the kind of cut they produce. The size and pattern of the strips define the equipment’s security level.

The lowest security level for an industrial office shredder is the strip-cut, which produces ribbon-shaped strips. The narrow strips are relatively easy to discern and are, therefore, most suitable for discarding non-sensitive records.

Cross-cut can shred the paper diagonally from opposite edges. They produce smaller pieces and have a moderate security level.

Micro-cut strips can provide the highest level of security. The minute pieces of paper can also be compacted, which reduces the volume of waste.

2. Run-Time

An industrial office shredder has powerful motors, which draw a lot of power and often need to stop to cool. The run-time specification tells you how long your commercial paper shredder can run before you stop it to avoid overheating. For heavy duty applications, you may want a machine that can work for at least half an hour without interruptions.

3. High Capacity

An industrial office shredder should have the capacity to handle large volumes of documents. Most machines can cut between 80 and over 500 sheets at a time. Some models can shred other materials such as optical disks, USB drives, and credit cards.

For applications involving large volumes of materials, there are features to minimize delays. They have powerful motors and efficient steel-cutting blades that shred hundreds of sheets of paper in a minute.

4. Automation Features

An industrial shredder can also be manual or automatically fed. By manual, it means you’ll have to push paper by hand. With the auto feature, you leave the documents in the tray and the machine does the rest. Auto-feed versions use a conveyor mechanism for ease of use and to ensure personnel safety.

Other features include the automatic oiling of the cutting blades to reduce maintenance tasks. It’s crucial for industrial machines, as it keeps the components lubricated to prevent the paper from jamming. 

Frequent jamming can slow down the process as well as be a nuisance. Some machines have anti-jamming features that can auto-correct the problem when it occurs.

5. Noise Level

An industrial office shredder can produce the same noise level as your home’s washing machine. At over 70dB, it can be an irritant for other personnel working within the same space.

Fortunately, there are commercial paper shredders that can run silently. If you are looking for quiet operations, consider a machine with the appropriate noise level specification.

Capacity is critical but is not the only feature to look out for when you need an industrial shredder machine. There are features to reduce noise and prevent paper jamming, among other challenges. Take time to evaluate your requirements and you can find equipment that is the perfect fit for your business. You can also order any shredder from our online shop and have it delivered within two to seven business days.

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