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5 Key Signs Your Company Needs To Switch To Secure Paper Shredding

Posted by Administrator on 2/15/2019

When your company wants to practice security in every part of its business, you need to ensure that you account for everything, including the tiniest scrap of paper. Not only will it protect your business, but it will guard the sensitive information of your consumers as well. There were about 16.7 million victims of identity fraud in 2017 alone. Know these key signs that your company needs secure paper shredding and you will be able to provide the best security before a problem arises.

  1. Strict regulations apply to your business
    Depending on your industry and your specific business, you may be required by law to follow certain regulations in your document disposal. Those in the medical industry need to follow HIPAA regulations and those in the financial industry likely need to follow FACTA in order to keep information secure. For any government agencies that need to follow requirements of the Department of Defense and NSA regulations, level 6 shredding offers the security you need.

  2. Your company values sustainability
    Every business affects the environment through its actions. If you're among the many businesses starting to prioritize sustainability, investing in an industrial office shredder is a great place to start. You'll be able to recycle the shreds of your paper, rather than throw them into a landfill. You can still maintain security by using level 6 shredding and secure recycling services for your document disposal.

  3. Shredding is eating up valuable time
    Does using your current page-by-page shredder take up your company's valuable time? You can avoid this slow process by switching to a high capacity paper shredder. This will keep your document disposal secure while also expediting your business's shredding process, allowing your employees to spend their time on more meaningful tasks.

  4. You're overwhelmed by paperwork
    If the desks in the office seem to have more useless paperwork on them than actual desk space, it's probably time to invest in a commercial paper shredder. Encourage your employees to take the time to go through their paperwork to determine what they need and what they don't. Once the clutter is gone, the office will look much cleaner and your employees will feel a sense of relief when they have clear desks.

  5. Your company is going digital
    Whether your company wants to follow through on its sustainability initiatives or it wants to rid the office of useless paperwork for good, you may be thinking about going completely digital. In order to make this significant change in your company, you will need to securely dispose of all of the paperwork you currently have. Use a machine with level 6 shredding to ensure that all sensitive information remains private and then you will be ready to make the digital switch.

Once you're able to spot the signs that you need secure paper shredding, you can quickly take the steps to order the shredder you need. Contact Capital Shredder today to explore your options for secure paper shredders.

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