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4 Tips to Help in Maintaining Your Paper Shredder

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp on 11/1/2019
4 Tips to Help in Maintaining Your Paper Shredder

In today’s age, businesses are consuming paper on a grand scale. Between documents, invoices, and notes, a company uses enormous amounts of paper. In fact, the World Count estimates that each person uses more than two pieces of paper each hour. If you are the manager or proprietor of a top functioning business, this will imply that certain documents may land on your desk that are private and confidential.

This is why you should consider buying commercial paper shredders. Paper shredders strip all your sensitive documents into tiny strips to ensure they don't find themselves in the wrong hands. If you already have commercial paper shredders installed on your premises, it is your responsibility to make sure they are correctly and regularly maintained. Here's how you can properly maintain your paper shredder to better protect your business.

1. Make Schedules to Empty Your Shredder

Commercial paper shredders have space where all the strips end up after you have shredded documents. Depending on how much paper your firm shreds, you should empty your high capacity paper shredder at least once a month. This should be done even if the bin isn't full yet. Sticking to a set schedule will ensure you never forget to empty this important piece of equipment.

2. Clean Your Paper Shredder

As your high security paper shredder cuts up documents into smaller strips, paper dust gets caught in the cutting assembly. Pieces of paper may also get stuck in the blades, and if these aren't cleaned out, they are likely to cause jams. If your industrial office shredder is gummed up, you will have to clean out the mess yourself.

Unplug it and dislodge the shredding assembly from the plastic bin. Remove the backing of the shredder to expose its blades. Slowly and carefully, take out all pieces of paper that may be causing the jam. Take care: shredder blades are very sharp.

3. Oiling Your Shredders

Commercial paper shredders have rotating metal blades, and as they cut up paper, paper dust and small bits of paper collect in between them. This will make your secure paper shredders shred paper much slower and much louder than they usually do. If this happens, oiling your paper shredder will help.

When oiling your shredder, pour oil on paper in a zigzag pattern. Do not oversaturate the paper as this may make a mess. Afterward, place this paper in your shredder and run it. As the blades cut up the paper, they will get a coating of oil and redistribute it.

4. Ensuring Proper Use of Your Shredder

Commercial paper shredders, like all other machines, will last longer and perform at optimum capacity if they are correctly maintained. You must ensure that the shredder isn't being overworked, that is, you aren’t putting it through more volume than it can stain. You must also not fold the paper before placing it in the shredder, even if your model is a multi-page paper shredder.

It is vital to keep from forcing paper into the shredder; gently insert the paper, and the machine will start shredding on its own. Make sure that all your paper shredders are unplugged when they aren't being used to prevent injury.

Using Your Paper Shredder

Different commercial paper shredders have different limitations. Some models can shred sturdy objects, like CDs, credit cards, and debit cards. However, if yours cannot, you're better off without trying to shred them. This can damage your machine and send plastic debris all over the room.

Having a high security paper shredder in your office prevents delicate information from getting into the wrong hands. This will put you a step above 30% of consumers who throw out sensitive documents without shredding them. For more information and helpful tips, don't hesitate to contact Capital Shredder Corp.

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