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4 Simple Ways To Increase Company Security

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 1/29/2024
4 Simple Ways To Increase Company Security

Businesses need to be extra cautious with their information in the digital age. A breach in security could impact a company’s reputation, financial stability, and its future growth. Fortunately, there are four simple ways to increase your company’s security for additional protection.

Establish a Strong Password Policy

A weak password can be easily cracked. If any passwords are compromised, the entire company’s digital infrastructure is at risk.

Establishing a vigorous password policy will safeguard your operations. This includes changing passwords regularly, never reusing the same password across accounts, and avoiding easily guessable phrases.

Implement Multi-Factor Authorization

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) enhances your company’s login security by requiring users to provide multiple independent means of identification. This can include a combination of a password, phone, or fingerprint authentication.

Hackers attempting a cyberattack will have several barriers to overcome to infiltrate the system’s data. That’s why promoting the usage of MFA across various platforms will go a long way toward precenting unauthorized access.

Update Software and Hardware Regularly

Outdated software and hardware can put your company in danger of security threats. Attackers often target known vulnerabilities in older systems. To protect your company, it is crucial to keep your IT infrastructure up to date with the latest security patches and updates.

This action will significantly reduce the risk of breaches in the system. In return, your company’s information will remain secure.

Utilize a Shredder for Confidential Documents

Not all office information is stored on a computer. Many companies have physical information stored in secure file cabinets. But what will you do when the information is no longer necessary or is translated into digital data?

A heavy-duty office shredder can cut documents into irretrievable tiny pieces. Anyone attempting to reconstruct the documents will fail because the paper’s contents will be unrecognizable. Whether your company needs to eliminate employment records, financial reports, personal data, or confidential agreements, a heavy-duty shredder will get the job done effectively.

Capital Shredder wants your company to stay protected. You can trust our crosscut or strip-cut shredders to obliterate any confidential data you need to dispose of. This simple method will greatly increase your company’s security and your peace of mind.

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