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4 Other Materials High-Capacity Shredders Can Disintegrate

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp on 3/26/2020
4 Other Materials High-Capacity Shredders Can Disintegrate

It is relatively well-known that those papers on your desk -- whether they are classified, important, or simply no other eyes should look at them after they are no longer of use -- can be shredded with a high capacity paper shredder. But, what about other materials? What about the hard copies that are not necessarily made of paper? These materials may contain highly sensitive information that needs to be destroyed. A level 6 shredder can destroy materials that otherwise might not be easily terminated. Here are five other materials besides paper that a high capacity shredder can terminate:

CD's and DVD's

CD's and DVD's may contain training information, visual components to classified information, and other media aspects that need to be destroyed when no longer deemed necessary. However, many of these components cannot be thrown out in a regular trash can. An optical destruction shredder machine can take care of destroying CD's and DVD's permanently.

Solid State Drives and Flash Drives

Information may be easily downloadable on a solid-state drive or flash drive, but if it has classified or sensitive information and needs to be destroyed, there is no better utility available to disintegrate these types of materials than a high capacity shredder. Information such as PowerPoint slides, emails, Excel sheets, and other easily shareable media on flash drives can be throw away correctly when properly taken care of through an industrial office shredder.

Cell Phones and Tablets

Communication is key in today's world. But when modes of communication hold sensitive information that may put key players, servicemen, or others at risk, it must be destroyed in a proper way to ensure lives are kept safe. High-security shredders will eliminate cell phones and tablets that hold such sensitive information, contacts, and communication methods that must properly be destroyed in order to continue on with a mission safely.

EMV Credit Cards and Solid State Sim Cards

Traveling abroad? Traveling within the United States? Did you or your team recently make a trackable purchase that needs to be destroyed? With a high-capacity shredder, materials such as EMV credit cards and solid-state sim cards can be destroyed. Ensuring that these materials are disintegrated will protect the identities and tracks of you or your team members, whether recent movements are trackable at home or abroad. A high capacity shredder can also eliminate materials such as CAC ID's, magnetic strip cards, and circuit boards.

Security is of the utmost concern when it comes to business, government, and military protocol. In fact, 40 percent of consumers say they will not do business with companies if they have experienced a security breach. A high capacity shredder that eliminates more material than otherwise commonly known is a particularly wise investment, both for your business and for the consumer, by building public trust with a record of maintaining strong security measures.

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