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3 Types of Commercial Paper Shredders And Their Importance To Your Organization

Posted by Administrator on 7/30/2019
3 Types of Commercial Paper Shredders And Their Importance To Your Organization
Whether shredding documents for a legal office or shredding documents for the government, choosing an office shredder is an important consideration as it is a big financial investment. The type of shredder you choose will depend on many factors, including what you are shredding, how efficient you need the shredder to be, and how long you need to be able to shred continuously. Continue reading for more information on office shredders and what might be right for your organization.

High Capacity Shredder

A high capacity shredder allows your business to shred more documents at a time and for longer periods of time than a standard industrial office shredder or a level 6 shredder. A high capacity shredder has longer continuous use abilities than an industrial office shredder, and it can usually shred more documents at a time than a level 6 shredder. This is due to the paper needing to be very tightly pushed through a level 6 shredder. A professional can help you determine whether you need a high capacity shredder, industrial office shredder, or a level 6 paper shredder.

Industrial Office Shredder

When it comes to your clients’ privacy, nothing is worth investing more in than an industrial office shredder. An industrial shredder may not necessarily be a high capacity paper shredder. Industrial office shredders can handle continuous loads in many cases, but the capacity will depend on whether the paper is cut down to a size that would be difficult for anyone without really particular skills to be able to reassemble.

The smaller the paper is cut down, the lower the capacity level of the shredder. Industrial office shredders are usually level 3 shredders, though it can vary by make and model. Talk to a professional to find out what level of industrial shredder your company needs.

Secure Paper Shredders

Almost 50% of Internet users in the United States would not participate in online activities due to privacy and security concerns, according to a 2018 study by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. The top concern is cited as identity theft, according to the same study.

To help alleviate your customers’ concerns, use a level 6 shredder. A level 6 shredder is the highest level of security a shredder can have. It shreds documents practically into dust. With that level of security, no reassembly of a document can be done. Allay your clients’ concerns about privacy with a level 6 shredder and a tight security policy.

Regardless of whether your business needs the highest level of security or needs to shred a lot of documents continuously, a professional can help you determine what type of commercial paper shredder is right for your organization. Contact us today and let us help you select the best shredder for your business.
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