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3 Steps To Creating a Stronger Data Protection Plan

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 2/4/2020
3 Steps To Creating a Stronger Data Protection Plan

Every business owner knows that you need to protect your data. A data breach could give competitors the information they need to steal your market share and run you out of business. You likely have security measures in place, such as passwords and restricted access locks, to help keep your information from falling into the wrong hands. But what about your consumers' data? Did you know that 40% of consumers claim that they would stop doing business with a company or brand if that business previously suffered a breach of security? Consumers are just as concerned about their information as you are, and leaving yourself vulnerable can easily put you out of business. Check out these tips on how you can create a more secure environment to protect your business's sensitive data.

Develop a Strong Cyber Security Plan

Business today thrives in the digital landscape. Brands are able to stay connected to their consumers and are able to broadcast their content to a significantly larger audience. Unfortunately, the development of the internet has also made it easier for criminals to steal your digital data. It is because of this that business owners should invest in:

A Firewall A firewall monitors the traffic coming in and out of your network. It can restrict unauthorized users from sneaking spam into your computer network, and reduce the likelihood of your information being stolen. Think of a firewall as a lock on a door.

Anti-Virus SoftwareAnti-virus software helps detect malware that has made it through your firewall and can take the necessary actions to eliminate the threat. If your firewall protection is a lock on your front door, anti-virus software if like a security alarm system.

Implement a Strong Physical Security Plan

In addition to having a strong cybersecurity plan, you need to implement physical security measures as well. These can include locked doors, fencing around your business perimeter, computer passwords, security alarms, cameras, and restricted access zones. You want as few people as possible to have access to your sensitive data and business records.

Buy an Industrial Shredder Machine

Industrial shredder machines are high capacity paper shredders that can shred entire files of paper at a time. As more and more businesses are moving to secure digital platforms to store files, it is important that you completely destroy outdated records to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Simply throwing papers away makes it possible to steal loads of information from you by simply going through your trash and removing the data. Industrial shredder machines, however, can completely destroy all files you put in, and level 6 shredding makes it impossible to put the pages back together. Experts agree that paper data breaches are just as common as cyber breaches, so not shredding your tangible files is just as risky as not installing a firewall or anti-virus software.

Final Thoughts

Data breaches and cyber attacks are happening everyday, and could cost you your business if you fall victim. Thankfully, there are multiple preventative measures you can take, such as implementing cybersecurity tactics like firewalls and anti-virus software, and having physical security with locked doors, computer passwords, and industrial shredder machines. So contact us today, and let us help you keep your data safe.

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