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Capital Shredder - Product Index
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#1821 Shred Bags, 100 bags
#1824 Shred Bags, 100 bags
#7363 Shredder Oil, 12 pints
#7363G Shredder Oil, 4 Gal
1-CC4 Deskside Cross Cut Shredder
1-SS4 Deskside Stripcut Shredder
1-SS7 Deskside Stripcut Shredder
240-C2 Deskside Cross Cut Shredder
240-C2T Deskside Cross Cut Shredder
240-C4 Deskside Cross Cut Shredder
240-C4T Deskside Cross Cut Shredder
240-SS2 Deskside Stripcut Shredder
240-SS4 Deskside Stripcut Shredder
240-SS4T Deskside Stripcut Shredder
240-SS5 Deskside Stripcut Shredder
240-SS5T Deskside Stripcut Shredder
260-C2 Crosscut Midsized Shredder
260-C4 Crosscut Midsized Shredder
260-S2 Stripcut Midsized Shredder
260-S4 Stripcut Midsized Shredder
260-S5 Stripcut Midsized Shredder
2-CC2 Deskside Cross Cut Shredder
2-SS4 Deskside Stripcut Shredder
2-SS7 Deskside Stripcut Shredder
300-CC2 Crosscut Midsized Shredder
300-CC4 Crosscut Midsized Shredder
300-SS4 Stripcut Midsized Shredder
300-SS5 Stripcut Midsized Shredder
385-C2 Crosscut Departmental Shredder
385-C4 Crosscut Departmental Shredder
385-SS4 Stripcut Departmental Shredder
390-C4 Crosscut High Volume Shredder
390-S5 Stripcut High Volume Shredder
3-CC4 Deskside Cross Cut Shredder
400-C2 High Volume Crosscut Shredder
400-C4 High Volume Crosscut Shredder
400-S5 High Volume Stripcut Shredder
5400-S2 Stripcut Industrial Shredder
5400-S3 Crosscut Industrial Shredder
5490-S3 Crosscut Industrial Shredder
5500-S3 Crosscut Industrial Shredder
AO-120 Automatic Oiler
AO-300 Automatic Oiler
C-150 Deskside Cross Cut Shredder
C-16 Stripcut High Volume Shredder
C-16C Crosscut High Volume Shredder
C-16X Crosscut High Volume Shredder
C-17 Stripcut High Volume Shredder
C-17X Crosscut High Volume Shredder
D-12 Crosscut Midsized Shredder
DG-100 Bulk Eraser / Degausser
DG-50 Conveyor Degausser
DG-88 High Energy Conveyor Degausser
DG-90 Drawer Operated Media Degausser
DG-91M Degausser for Cassettes & Cartridges
DG-91T DLT/LTO High Energy Tape Eraser
DG-92 Compact High Energy Media Degausser
DG-94 Compact High Energy Media Degausser
DL-10X Crosscut Midsized Shredder
DL-10XD High Volume Crosscut Shredder
DL-12X Crosscut Midsized Shredder
DL-16X Departmental Crosscut Shredder
DL-16XD High Volume Crosscut Shredder
DL-22XD Industrial Crosscut Shredder
E-10CT Cross Cut Midsized Shredder
E-12CT Cross Cut Midsized Shredder
E-16CT Cross Cut Departmental Shredder
E-9CT Deskside Cross Cut Shredder
EL-100 Erasure Labels
F-10CT Cross Cut Midsized Shredder
F-10X2 Cross Cut Midsized Shredder
F-10XT Cross Cut Midsized Shredder
F-12CT Cross Cut Midsized Shredder
F-12X2 Cross Cut Midsized Shredder
F-12XT Cross Cut Midsized Shredder
F-16C Crosscut Departmental Shredder
F-16CT Cross Cut Departmental Shredder
F-16X Crosscut Departmental Shredder
F-16X2 Cross Cut Departmental Shredder
F-16XT Cross Cut Departmental Shredder
F-2X Deskside Crosscut Shredder
F-5X2 Deskside Cross Cut Shredder
F-5XT Deskside Cross Cut Shredder
F-9CT Deskside Cross Cut Shredder
F-9X2 Deskside Cross Cut Shredder
F-9XT Deskside Cross Cut Shredder
H-10CT Strip Cut Midsized Shredder
H-12CT Strip Cut Midsized Shredder
H-16CT Strip Cut Departmental Shredder
H-2C Deskside Strip Cut Shredder
H-5CT Deskside Stripcut Shredder
H-9CT Deskside Stripcut Shredder
HDD-100 Hard Drive and Tape Degausser
HDD-66 High Energy Hard Drive Degausser
HDD-91 High Energy HDD & Tape Degausser
K-10 DOD High Security Paper Shredder
K-10E DOD High Security Paper Shredder
K-10EC DOD High Security Paper Shredder w/ Auto Oiler & Supplies
K-10TS DOD High Security Paper Shredder
K-11TS DOD High Security Paper Shredder
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